No one can say that the police around the area don't have a sense of humor. For those husbands who are feeling too much pressure this Valentine's Day to do something special for your woman over the weekend, the Shoshone Police Department has you covered.

Now this is obviously a joke, please don't actually call them and ask them to do this for you. Or do, and see if they will actually do it. I am not the boss of you.

Honestly this is brilliant. The City of Shoshone Police Department found a great way to earn money, save people the pressure of Valentine's Day weekend while giving you a relaxing weekend, the perfect way to spend any holiday.

For $500 though I feel like you could make a pretty special Valentine's Day for your wife or girlfriend, if they are in to that kind of thing. A better suggestion from me would be keep the $500 and just invite the wife and maybe the kids for the trip together.

I could see some men doing this just as a practical joke on their wives. I am pretty sure my boyfriend would do something like this to me. And then you might die. She would get arrested for killing you.

Regardless, a huge shout out to the Shoshone Police Department for sharing a laugh with us. It is always a good time seeing the sense of humor these people who serve us every day have.

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