I am sure it honestly depends on the person and what the person is getting you, but we want to know which one you prefer. When I was a broke college student all I wanted was gift cards and cash so I could eat. Now I am not sure how I feel. Would you prefer an item that you may not get use out of or a cash/gift card?

If I get anything for Christmas I am thankful, don't get me wrong. I would much rather give than receive that is kind of why I am asking this question. Have I been doing it all wrong and gotten people who want gift card item gifts that they may not get use out of? Have I gotten it wrong and given cash or gift cards to people who wanted a thoughtful gift? It's just so stressful shopping.

Does it depend on the situation? That is what it was for me. When I was in college if anyone got me anything I was dumbfounded but I have to admit I would have rather had 20 bucks so I could buy some hamburger helper than a night light for my room. Though, that night light got a lot of use during finals week.

The hard part about some people as well is that they pretty much buy themselves whatever they want all year long. That makes it even harder to purchase gifts during the holidays. Do those people get gift cards or a small trinket you know they don't have and maybe don't want? Whatever you decide to give or whatever you get, know it was out of love and be thankful.

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