UPDATE: This hot spring is on Private Property and is not a destination for just anyone to be able to go to. Please contact the owners before attempting to check out the spring and ask permission.

Just 12 miles north of Wells and a little over a two hour drive south of Twin Falls is a place called 12 Mile Hot Springs, also known as Bishop Hot Springs. It has to be one of the coolest, man-made, hot springs I have seen in a while. It definitely looks worth the drive.

According to everything I could find about 12 Mile Hot Springs is that it is a primitive pool that is man-made. It is about 40 feet long and 3 feet deep. Going and hanging out at the hot spring is absolutely free and it even states that clothing is optional.

It states that accessibility is good for driving so you shouldn't need four wheel drive to get there. I feel like a car would make it pretty well. There is a parking area and the hike to the actual hot springs takes about an hour. It is a two mile hike to the hot springs.

Closer to the hot springs there is a bridge but it is not crossable. If you want to make it the rest of the way you have to cross the creek not the bridge.

They also state that the parking area and hot springs doesn't actually have signage around it. If you want to find it you are going to have to really do some research for the hike. As for now, you can follow this map and it will tell you how to at least get close.

After a hike like that it will definitely be worth it to hang out in the 100 to 105 degree water. I am so there.

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