This coming Sunday, March 14th, could be an historic day. There's a chance it could be our final Daylight Saving time change if a bill is passed in time so we don't make the fall back time in November. In 2019 the idea of killing off the time change was shut down by the house, but the new bill is gaining steam. In the meantime we'll lose an hour Sunday morning but we'll gain a few pounds since Sunday is also Pi(e) Day.

I will be eating my feelings on Sunday as I mourn my lost hour. I plan on eating a chocolate turtle pie I have in my freezer and also some pizza pies. Sunday is a math holiday as the number 'pi' begins with 3.14 it is celebrated on March 14th. Since most people hate math and love pie we have accepted that the day should be celebrated with no talk of math and instead with plates of pies.

Twin Falls is loaded with locations serving up delicious pies, do you have a favorite pie restaurant?

I actually find this interesting, it seems there are more restaurants where you can get pizza around town than a fruity pie. Am I wrong?

On top of the time change and Pi Day, don't forget to support the CSI Rodeo Team by watching the CSI Intercollegiate Rodeo Friday and Saturday from the comfort of your own home. Live stream details can be found here.

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