We all know that Casey Anthony won't be able to get a job anywhere because, well...she killed her daughter. So she is trying to scrap up as much money for TV appearances as possible. And so far, no network has offered to pay it.

According to CBS News he wants $1.5 MILLION for her first TV appearance since she was acquitted of killing her two-year-old daughter.

She said her daughter accidentally drowned in a swimming pool.  And she admitted to covering up the death because she panicked and hid her daughter in the woods.  So because of that, she could become a millionaire.

The networks usually take a roundabout way of avoiding paying people outright for interviews . . . which is very, very frowned upon in the journalism world.

They pay people by pretending they're paying a fortune to license their personal photos and videos.  Back in 2008, ABC paid Anthony $200,000 for the rights to photos and videos of her daughter.

NBC and ABC have both said they have not offered Anthony anything.  TMZ initially reported yesterday that there was a, quote, "bidding war" for the interview.