We like to talk about how bad drivers are in Idaho, but we haven't talked much about how they give directions. People from other areas may find slightly confusing, especially those venturing through rural areas (which is most of Idaho).

1.) You better know which direction is North South East and West because "make a left turn" or "The store is on the right" are not spoken here. If you come to a four way stop, you better know how to head West, or you're going to get lost.

2.) Land marks are huge here. People use Silos, corn fields, run down barns, whatever they can to let you know you're going in the right or wrong direction. "If you make it to the three green silos, you have gone too far."

3.) Learn how to use your odometer, because it's all about mileage. "Go two miles after the stop sign and then head North on the next dirt road."

4.) Rural addresses seem kind of confusing. For those who don't know, yes it is absolutely possible to have an address completely comprised of numbers. "I live at 2340 N 4560 W."

5.) And they will use ALL of these things in one set of directions! "Head north at 2300 for two miles until you see the red run down barn, then head west at 3500. If you find the pasture full of cows you have gone too far, my house faces the west at 1300 W 4500 S."

To people who live here this is pretty easy. For those who don't know rural areas it is like a completely different language. Admittedly it is pretty great.

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