As I was searching for more lip dubs, apparently Burley High School has done a few of these. This one is extra special because the entire school got in on it and did it in honor of two seniors at the school they lost this year. 

They mashed up so many amazing songs I absolutely love it. These kids are just having a blast representing their school. Things like this are about the only things I miss about my high school days. Doing a ton of fun stuff as a school.

The production value is pretty great as well. I am super impressed they got this all put together. This had to take a lot of work. It seems like they are incorporating everyone and all the organizations. My favorite part is probably the principal pretending to shut the entire thing down. It is nice to see that everything doesn't have to be so serious.

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I am kind of jealous these kids have all the resources to do something as crazy and fun as this. This is definitely something that everyone who participated is going to remember for a long time.

High school isn't the easiest for some people to get along and feel included. Hopefully this was something that made their high school experience a little better. When I was in school we had our teachers dance to Soulja Boy and that is one of my favorite memories. Great job guys! Very impressed.

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