You might have heard me talking about getting a new tattoo on the radio. I have to admit that at 45, I though I might regret getting one... especially in a place that's pretty easy to see.

My experience with Brandon at Warmart Tattoo and Body Piercing was nothing short of stellar. He walked be through the entire process from concept to finish and I was really pleased with the way it turned out.

I wanted something simple and personal. There are two things in my life that are important to me: My faith and my family. I also have a passion for audio and and telling a story by spoken word. I decided to combine those elements to record an audio file in .wav form of my wife, son and daughter reciting scripture.

I will declare your righteousness and your deeds, but they will not profit you. - Isaiah 57:12

This serves as a reminder to me that the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ is not earned, it is a precious gift that is given. It doesn't matter that I fall short... Jesus has it covered.

Now,  I'm not a fan of needles and depending on where you get it, there is a certain level of pain. But it wasn't as bad as I expected.  And if I can tolerate it, anyone can.  Watch the video and you'll see I made some funky faces but the pain was bearable.

It's been almost a month now. Plenty of time to settle in. Do I regret getting a tattoo?  Not one bit.  I like it. It reminds me every day of my faith and my family.

If you're ever considering getting some ink (at any age), I can honestly recommend Brandon at Warm Art Tattoo & Body Piercing.

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