This 8 year old boy invited the Twin Falls Police Department to his 8th birthday party at Idaho Pizza Company, and the best part is, they showed up.

The Twin Falls Police Department showed up to a young boy named Kellen's birthday party after they received an invitation. Kellen has now been dubbed "Office Kellen" in celebration. I am not sure if he was give an honorary deputization with a badge and everything but I would love to see it if he did.

Police Chief Craig Kingsbury and Sargent Hendrickson's squad showed up  to hang out with the kiddos while they could. These are the stories that we need to hear more of. The stories from the police doing the amazing things that can make someone's day. They put their lives of the line for us every day, seeing how human they are is refreshing.

We need more kindness like this in our lives. Children seeing that police officers are friends, not something to be afraid of and they are not someone that deserves disrespect. I can pretty much guarantee that this visit will be cherishes in the memory of Kellen for a very long time.

I think moments like this are important to share. For all we know Kellen is going to grow up to be a police officer, and he may make a memory like this for another little boy or girl when he does. Spreading kindness one simple action at a time.

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