There is so much adults miss out on. We have to pay full price at the movies. We have to obey traffic laws if we don’t want a ticket. We don’t get to ride the rocking horses or the race car at the mall. Maybe, just maybe, adults have a few perks left for us.

How does an entire city spring up almost overnight? Well, if it’s Bounce House City, it doesn’t take decades of infrastructure and concrete, just an awesome idea, some strong fabric, and air. There are bounce houses that are awesome for sure, but a whole city dedicated to falling and getting back up unscathed? I can do that.

Can Adults Play in the Bounce House City?

Who doesn’t want an opportunity to feel a bit lighter? Perhaps bouncing off the walls like the kids do is not entirely lost. If you like, you can bring a kid with you if it helps you feel better. What about a chance to bounce off the walls at a bargain? The adult in me says ‘Yes, please’. Put on some comfy clothes. It’s time to get your bounce on.

During construction, there may not be all the implements available that will be ready on opening day. Take advantage of a steal of a price before everything opens. Bounce Construction Passes are only $5 for bouncing from 5 PM to 8 PM Monday the 19th through Wednesday the 21st.

Where is bounce Houce City?

Officially, the address is 21236 US-30 Filer, ID. That is a bit hard to comprehend, so let’s make it easier by saying it is at Legacy Fields.

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A day visit is 3 hours for $15. Single membership is $40 per month which includes added heart-healthy exercise. A family membership is $60 per month. So, if for example, you were to take yourself and your grandson for 2 visits, it would be the same as a membership for a whole month. It would only be for the benefit of getting in shape, never for fun. We ARE adults, here. Once everyone has the proper attire - bounce socks - a monthly membership is a breeze.

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