While I completely understand that E-scooter companies in Boise want their users to wear helmets, I don't think people will make it happen unless it is required by law.

KIVI, reported earlier this week that E-scooter companies Bird and Spin both has asked their users to wear helmets while riding for safety reasons. But both of those companies require you to bring your own helmet. Lime just asks users to follow requirements in their specific area.

Through the Bird app you can score a free helmet, and Spin will offer a discount on a folding helmet. But as you probably know, lots of scooter rides are not planned and you just end up jumping on without your helmet.

Again, I totally understand that these customers what their users to be safe while using the scooters but I just don't see users carrying around their helmet in case they use a scooter. In my opinion, the companies have to find a way to reward users who ride safely.

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