We have been stuck home long enough now we are scraping the bottom of the barrel of Netflix and Disney plus, and whatever streaming services there are. Well, good news is you can watch your favorite Nickelodeon shows from your childhood now!

vrv.com is a streaming service that is now offering "NickSplat" and for those who remember, that is all the Nick shows that came on after school like "Catdog", "Angry Beavers" and so many others.

The streaming service is offering 30 day free trial right now so just enough time to get re-addicted to all those goofy shows we loved when we were kids. After that it is commercial free for $10 a month or you can get NickSplat alone for $5.99 a month plus tax. I might have to give this a try.

I swear they don't make shows like this anymore. They are showing one of my all time favorites "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" which was right up there with "Goosebumps". I haven't even heard the name "Salute Your Shorts" in so long I forgot it was a thing.

They even have some of the more modern shows, and I use modern liberally because Zoey 101 was mid 2000s and I am not sure that is considered modern televisions anymore. But they go back to "Doug" and "All That" as well. NickSplat is definitely going to be the next thing I binge watch.

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