It has been discussed that people who jump out of airplanes for recreation are a special sort. These people may seem strange to us, but we enjoy their exploits vicariously. Watching the videos of jumpers and wingsuit enthusiasts is exciting enough to keep the rest of us planted firmly to the ground.

Why is BASE so Special That it Gets Capitalized in BASE Jumping?

Folks who leap from a standing structure are called BASE jumpers. Many people think that it is called BASE jumping because the origin of the jump has a base on the ground. This is not correct. BASE is an acronym for Building, Antennae, Span, and Earth. They are the exit points from which to leap.

It is not an activity for the faint of heart. There aren’t many places where it is legal to BASE jump because it can involve trespassing on private property, damaging structures, or endangering onlookers, and at times the rescue crews that have to pick up jumpers who didn’t hit their mark. Twin Falls is not one of the illegal places.

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Jumpers come from all over the world for the joy of BASE jumping off the Perrine Bridge. So much so that there is a world record for the most human-powered BASE jumps. That entails jumping off the bridge, hiking back up, and jumping again. Jonathan Cox from Twin Falls is endeavoring to make this attempt official for the Guinness World Record and complete 65 jumps. He’ll be sending footage from a videographer and photographers.

When Can Onlookers View the Exciting World Record Attempt?

Onlookers are welcome to come support and encourage Jonathan at the Perrine Bridge beginning at 7 PM on Friday, September 15th. The jumping will continue for a full 24 hours through the 16th. Any money raised from publicizing his 24-hour challenge is going to be donated to Twin Falls County Search and Rescue and SORT Team. These rescuers assist any jumpers who get stuck when jumps go awry.

Donations are accepted in person or to Venmo account @BASEworldrecord. Contact Jonathan and his team at 541-786-9204, PO Box 5433 Twin Falls, ID 83303, or at

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