Trampoline Perrine Bridge BASE Jump Proves Extreme Athletes Crazy Stupid

If you haven’t seen this crazy video of a trampoline BASE jump from the Perrine Bridge, it’s definitely worth the ten-second watch, and it’s a testament to the craziness that’s weaved into the soul of an extreme athlete.

About the jumper, Giovanni ‘Gio’ Masters

I’m just as guilty as the next guy for underappreciating the caliber of extreme sports enthusiasts that come through Twin Falls on a daily basis. Since Twin Falls is home of one of only two bridges that legally allow BASE jumping in the US, we host an incalculable number of jumpers from all over the world. Gio Masters is a world-famous extreme athlete that participates in just about every adrenaline-pumping acuity there is, including cliff diving and BASE jumping. He’s lucky to get to play for a living and pretty much lives off his sport. If you like watching crazy people defy death, Gio Master’s website is full of fun stuff to watch.

Watch: Gio Master’s wicked trampoline jump from the Perrine Bridge

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Gio’s insane trampoline-assisted jump from the Perrine Bridge is so much fun to watch. Not only does he have to time the traffic for his running start, but he may have set an unofficial record for the number of flips taken before deploying a chute. Seriously, it’s hard to tell exactly how close he was to the water before his canopy opened, but from this angle, it looks like he couldn’t have waited for another second to pull the cord. 

Some argue BASE jumping should not be legal from the Perrine Bridge

I’ve had several friendly arguments with many of you who say that these kinds of sports are crazy-stupid and shouldn’t be legal in Twin Falls, or anywhere else for that matter. While I agree that jumping off a perfectly good bridge is just plain nuts, who am I to tell someone what they can and can’t do, even if it’s risky? I promise you, these athletes are well aware of the risk they take with every jump. Regrettably, there have been accidents that have claimed the lives of athletes on the Perrine Bridge. But we take risks leaving the house each day just to go to work. I suggest we let them enjoy their sport, and we can continue to enjoy watching them… from a safe distance. And just for fun, you can keep scrolling for a few more of Gio's amazing Twin Falls jumps.

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