This haunted house is said to be the scariest attraction in America. It's called McKamey Manor and no one has made it through the entire attraction. If you are brave enough to try you could walk away $20,000 richer.

Attending this haunted house isn't exactly easy. You need to get a doctor's note saying you are fit to go in, sign a 40 page waiver, prove you have medical insurance, pass a background check and take a portable drug test when you get to the mansion.

The owner and operator of the manor only requires a bag of dog food to get in to the house. He has five dogs, you're helping keep them fed. Before you go in to the haunted house you have to have a safe word so you can end the attraction. You may be touched, the owner says he even may hypnotize you to make you feel like something is happening that isn't real. There is a two hour movie compiled of all the people who haven't been able to make it through the house that each participant is required to watch before attempting.

Russ McKamey, the owner, also does not allow cursing in the manor. If you end up cursing, each word said deducts from the $20,000 prize. After watching the video above I am beyond certain that there is no way that I could make it through this manor. If you think you are brave enough you need to contact Russ himself and he will help get you started. I will politely and graciously stay behind.

If you don't want to travel all that way, don't forget the Magic Valley has some intense haunted attractions as well.

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