No good traffic deed goes unpunished. Crazy this happened twice in one day. I'm on Washington heading south to go to work. At the McDonald's on the corner at Washington and Addison, I never block the exit if there is a red light. I'm stopped and someone is waiting to pull out into traffic, I let them in. It's polite, right? It doesn't hurt my progress when the light turns green again, right? And then......

HA! You fooled me! You're going to cross both lanes of traffic to try to get into the left hand turn lane to turn onto Addison - at 7:55 am! 3 lanes of traffic (turning lane had to stop too) at a green light waiting for you to inch your way out. It's an aberration, I think. Just someone who doesn't understand. Then on my way back to work after lunch, it happens to the guy being polite in front of me. At the exact same place!

google maps
google maps

Once is a mistake. Twice is a habit. I'm thinking between people turning left to get into the McDonald's across a double double yellow and people trying to cross 3 lanes of traffic to turn left, there is an accident waiting to happen. Or, would it be another accident waiting to happen?

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