The Twin Falls Animal Shelter said they are over capacity and due to things like COVID 19 over the past year, things have gotten worse. Some animals in their shelter are taking longer to get adopted.

According to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter Facebook page, they have some dogs they have been struggling getting adopted. They said that over the last year things have gotten harder because all shelters across the country are feeling the same struggles.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter said that lots of people were adopting pets during the shut down so they had companions and friends to stay home with. Once the shut down was lifted a lot of those people couldn't stay home with their pets any more and started surrendering them back to the shelters.

The Twin falls Animal Shelter said that they have been struggling getting the pets that have been in the shelter the longest transferred to other areas to see if they could get adopted because all shelters are struggling right now.

It is one of those things where I wish I was able to adopt all of them myself. The biggest thing that they are asking right now isn't so much that you adopt, it is to get the people who are missing animals to come reclaim them at the shelter and maybe share the information.

Also look at all of these super cute faces. I want to snuggle them all.

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