The Anchor Bistro and Bar has announced that they are temporarily closed for a remodel.

The Anchor announced that they will be closed Monday January 20th through Wednesday February 5th. They said that it is due to a remodel they are doing to "much needed areas of the restaurant". So, if you were planning on checking them out for lunch sometime this week, sorry, you have to wait until after the Super Bowl.

I am a little sad this happened so drastically. I was hoping to go in and get my fill of some Ahi tuna tacos before they decided to close. I have to wait a few weeks now before I can get my fill of some of their delicious food.

I am not sure what type of remodel they are doing at this point. I feel like the majority of that place is pretty up to date and nothing ever looks run down. I am curious to know if they are doing something to the kitchen where customers can't see. Maybe they are going to put some treatment on the walls because that place does get pretty loud.

I have reached out to the Anchor to see if they can let me know what is being remodeled. If I get a response I will let you know. For now, we get to eagerly wait to see what the changes will be. The countdown for some garlic rosemary fries, tacos and that insane bloody Mary they have starts now.

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