Frankly, it's amazing no one was hurt because of this.

According to the Washington Post on Friday morning, an armored truck was driving on Interstate 270 in Maryland.  When it was about 35 miles northwest of Washington, D.C. the latch on the backdoor popped open and $5,700 in cash flew into the air.

The scene was described as a "snow globe of cash." Bills were floating around all over the Interstate.  And a LOT of people took advantage of the situation.

About 30 people immediately pulled over, got out of their cars, RAN ONTO THE INTERSTATE, and started snatching bills out of the air.  Again, it's just amazing no one was killed.

The armored truck was from a company out of Montreal, Canada called Garda World Security Services.  They're working with the Maryland State Police to investigate what happened.

The police are also strongly suggesting that the people who grabbed cash bring it in to the state police. No questions will be asked and no charges will be filed.  

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