I watched the new version of American Idol, sans Simon.  I thought it was interesting in the way the producers seemed to focus a lot more on the back stories of the contestants... almost as if trying to suck me in.  I think Idol producers know that without Simon, they can no longer rely on the judging segments as the primary source of entertainment.  Perhaps if they get me emotionally vested in the contestants, I'll stick around?

It's weird to me.  Separately, I like the judges.  Steven Tyler is an icon and always entertaining.  Jennifer Lopez is one of the few entertainers that has made the transition from actor to singer and back again.  Randy... is... well... He's Randy.  As a producer, he seems to play the part of the technical critique, which I've always appreciated. 

As a team?  I think they fall short.  Simon was the man we loved to hate.  I never thought he was mean for the sake of being mean.  He dashed the hopes of those that would otherwise spend a lifetime chasing a dream they would never achieve.  I actually thought he was practicing tough love because he actually cared.   The new team seems to not understand their roles.  Sometimes they are nice.  Sometimes outright rude... all at the same time.  And when they are rude, it serves no purpose.

I miss the Idol of ol'.  Simon was brutally honest.  Randy focused on technical merit.  Paula?  Paula was like a train wreck that you can see coming.  You want to shut your eyes but you just can't help but look.  That's not to say the show didn't do fine wihtout her... and it would probably fare just as well if Randy were to leave... But without Simon?  The thrill is gone.

Here's what some of you had to say on The Morning Show:

What to YOU think about the show?  Do you think it was a hit?  Or do you think it was over they day Simon quit?  Comment below.  And be sure to take our poll for 5000 EZ Bucks.

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