Boise State University's Albertsons Stadium has announced they'll be having a clear bag policy starting in 2020.

While this might come as a shock to some people, I'm honestly surprised they haven't started this already.

I went to see my first game on the 'smurf turf' earlier this year. My friend and I parked downtown and I did what I'm used to doing (being from the Midwest). She watched me as I loaded my pockets with my key fob, phone, some cash, and my ID. She honestly rolled her eyes at me and I thought it was because I was carrying too much.

Much to my surprise, when we arrived at the stadium I saw people arriving with BACKPACKS! As someone who often went to football games at Kinnick Stadium, where the University of Iowa Hawkeyes play, I had assumed Albertsons Stadium would have a similar 'clear bag only' policy like they do back home. Once I verbally spoke of this to my friend, she laughed because it wasn't something she'd ever really heard of around Idaho. Now she and I both understood the looks we were giving each other while I had loaded my pockets before leaving the parking garage.

Of course, when the announcement came out that BSU would be adopting the policy many other stadiums have in 2020, the first thing I did was let her know I was 'ahead of the times'. To me, the change seems to be a sign of the times. Safety is important and having less to go through gets rid of a lot of stress for those working security (I've worked it before at games like this).

In 2020, you will be allowed to bring a one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag, a 12x6x12 in. clear vinyl or a plastic bag, or a clutch, bag, or purse that isn't any bigger than 4.5x6.5 in.

The change won't impact any post-season games in 2019 or the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. Boise State says they do hope to move the whole campus to the clear-bag policy, not just Albertsons Stadium, in the future.

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