Attention adults! This is not a drill! The 21 and over just for adults Throwback Thursday party is back at Skateland in Twin Falls. Get ready to plan for a baby sitter.

Twin Falls Skateland has done these Throwback Thursday parties before. In the past they have done themes, right now I don't see a theme assigned just yet. That may change. In the past they did 80's night with music and adult only skating.

This one is going to be on Thursday, February 20th from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. Admissions is $9 per adult and make sure you bring an ID. There is going to be live music by Wormo who apparently plays at The Pocket semi frequently. There will also be bar service provided by Log Tavern.

The $9 admission fee does include your skates and some party favors that will be handed out. I feel like events like this are great for the single community in the area, a date night or just a girls night. Since there isn't really a theme that I can see just yet, I am not sure if people are going to dress up or not. If I am going, which I might, I would put on some old 90s garb and skate around in my flared out jeans.

I have been told it is a pretty popular event every time they put it on. Skating and alcohol may be more conducive to falling instead of skating, but you will probably make some great memories.

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