The weather is going to get nice eventually, and that means going out on the patio to enjoy some great food and great company. Here are a list of restaurants in Twin Falls that have some great outdoor dining options.

This list isn't in any particular order, it is not ranked from best to worst, it is just a list.

  • 1

    Elevation 486

    Not only is the food great, but the view is incredible. I love sitting outside and enjoying a meal. Even if it is a little chilly outside they have some heaters you can warm up by.

  • 2

    Milner's Gate

    The back patio doesn't have the greatest view, but it is very well put together. It is such a cute and fun place to enjoy a meal. I especially like sitting out there at night when their lights are all on.

  • 3

    Main Street

    There are a ton of great restaurants on Main and the seating is great. It is always fun to people-watch, especially downtown when the weather gets nice.

  • 4

    2nd South Market

    They have opened The Yard behind 2nd South Market and it is great. There are fireplaces, great seating, some fun stuff to do, and live shows on the weekends, it is definitely a destination. Plus with so many options for food, everyone can get what they want.

  • 5


    They have a super cute patio behind the restaurant. Again, not a great view since it faces the hotel in the back, but it is super quaint and really nice when the weather cooperates.

  • 6

    La Fiesta

    I love La Fiesta's food and ambiance. The back patio makes you feel like you are in the middle of a giant party that you don't know anyone at but everyone makes you feel welcome. It is very nice.

  • 7

    The Anchor

    Their patio is super nice. I love sitting out there. It can get a little loud because of the Blue Lakes traffic but it is so much fun out there. They have fireplaces and shade and awesome furniture. This has to be one of my favorite places to enjoy outdoor dining.

  • 8

    The GR

    Their patio is fairly new but it is adorable. You can enjoy your delicious burger out there and listen to some of the best stories from the regulars there.

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