The Magic Valley seems to draw to a special type of people. So here are 5 types of people you will almost definitely run in to in the Magic Valley, if you aren't one yourself.

1.) The "Born And Raised" - these people were born and raised in Idaho or the Magic Valley. They know the ins and outs of the state and love it unconditionally. They have never lived anywhere else and they see no reason to do so.

2.) The "transplant" - these people moved to the Magic Valley for potentially a lot of different reasons. If they came from California, they are likely looking for more land for less money or escaping a natural disaster. People from everywhere else transplanted here for a job or "temporarily". These people also may never truly embrace the Idaho culture and may have a hard time fitting in.

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3.) The "All About The Country" people - to these people, Twin Falls is too big, a half an acre of land is too small and they love their privacy. They tend to talk about hunting, fishing, camping and riding horses all the time. They also are probably wearing camo right now or possibly carrying a leather rhinestone bedazzled purse or wallet.

4.) The "I Hate It Here" people - these people have likely lived here a really long time and are not the outdoorsy type. They constantly complain there is nothing to do and they want to leave, but they never do.


5.) The "A Little Of Everything" - These people may have been born here, left and came back because they realized there is no place like home. Sometimes they complain that there isn't a nightlife or a restaurant they like, but they don't want to be anywhere else. They love the country, hunting, fishing but they might want to go to a club every once in a while. They incorporate a little bit of all the qualities of the other four but they love calling the Magic Valley home.

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