This morning on August 20th around 5 a.m. there was a pretty massive power outage from Eden to almost Oakley. According to the Idaho Power Outage Map roughly 4,000 people were out of power. So, if this happens to you we can help you out.

No one wants to go without power, especially during extreme weather like snow storms or heat waves. If you do find yourself without power, here are a few things you can do to keep yourself informed, stay safe and don't get completely bored out of your mind.

  • 1

    Check the Idaho Power website

    Yes, the power is out, if you have a cell phone or device that works without the internet make sure you check the Idaho Power Website. It has a power outage map that tell you how many people are effected and how long before restoration.

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    Don't Open or Use Electronics Unnecessarily

    This seems like a no brainer, but I have been completely guilty of this one. If the power is out, make sure you don't open the refrigerator unless you absolutely need to do so and only do it for short periods of time. Don't flush the toilet or run water if you don't have to and don't over use your cell phone and kill the battery. You never know for sure how long the power is going to be out.

  • 3

    Get Out Of The House

    IF it is safe to do so, maybe get out of the house, go somewhere like the park or a store that has power. Not only is it a good way to get your mind off the fact you can barely use anything in your house, if it is hot or cold you can find relief at stores and places with power.

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    Play Some Games

    Sounds super cliche but keep some board games in the house for something like this. That way not everyone gets super bored. You could play games outside if the weather and time allows as well. Always have a backup for entertainment.

  • 5

    Keep Batteries, Lighters, Flashlights

    Again, seems like a no duh situation but I am not sure how many of these things we have in our house. Keep lots of batteries, candles and flashlights handy just in case the power goes out and it is dark outside but not so late you can just go to bed.

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