Technology has made us spoiled, there is no doubt about that. With cell phones, GPS and everything that this generation has grown up with, they will never understand some of the struggles the rest of us had to deal with growing up.

I can't say that I had all of these struggles. I came from a generation that started having access to technology. I remember before cell phones were in every third grader's hand, but I also remember when we all started carrying them. These are struggles kids today with never understand.


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    Getting Lost In Your Own Town

    We all have done it, made a wrong turn in Albuquerque and ended up in an area that you don't recognize. Having to back track or drive toward a land mark you recognize to get yourself back home. Today, GPS is so easily accessed that getting "lost" or turned around is just a thing of the past.

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    Not Being Able To Make A Call Because Of Internet

    If you had siblings that were on DSL and you wanted you call your parents on the land line so you could get permission to go to a friends house, it was like pulling hens teeth. You couldn't make a call, receive a call or get in touch with your parents because of the stupid internet.

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    Manually Changing The TV

    Not only do we have devices like Alexa that will change everything for you just by telling her too, but we have universal remotes that can be programmed to change your TV, radio, lights, locks, dishwasher, garage door and the list goes on and on. Back in the day there were no remotes so you had to manually change things. Even later, when there were remotes, you either had to fight a sibling for it or if you lost it you were pretty much having to sit and manually change all the channels.

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    Having A "Meeting Spot" At The Twin Falls County Fair

    Heading to the fair you may not want to hang with your siblings or parents the entire time. Finding and hanging with friends was the best part. Well, without cell phones we used to have a meeting spot at a certain time to "check in" with everyone and make sure all was ok. Maybe get some money for water or lunch and then take off again. A predetermined time left you constantly checking the clock because if you were late man were you in trouble.

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    Using the Enclyclopedia

    I was so excited that my parents had an Encyclopedia set. It made doing history reports so much easier. Now, you can just Google everything. Rather than heading to the Twin Falls Public Library you could do an entire history session on your cell phone.

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