These gifts are definitely unique and affordable. (Mostly). A gift is from the heart it doesn't matter the price tag. Here are 5 things you may consider for the person who has everything or hard to shop for on your list.

These items were all found available on the Twin Falls Marketplace on Facebook. Things like:

1.) This Free recliner! It looks like it has been deeply loved, complete with butt and back marks.

Facebook Marketplace

2.) If you have that winner in your life and you want to show them, how about a WWE Championship Belt? Who cares if their name isn't Ryan (or whatever name is blacked out), they are a champion! Plus it's a unique gift for $5.

Facebook Marketplace

3.) Maybe you have a little girl in your life, or a friend who likes dolls, who always wanted a Disney experience. Here is the perfect Belle dress from Beauty and the Beast. Every little girl loves Belle.

4.) Got a movie lover on your Christmas list? Do they not have Netflix? Instead of giving them your Netflix account so they can mess up your settings, try a variety of DVD movies! A good mixture of genres.

5.) Maybe for the really tough to buy for person in your life you can get them some tires. Everyone needs to replace their car tires at some point in their life. This way they don't have to worry about it later!