Preparation is key for any holiday gathering. Sometimes there are presents to think of. Other times, a thoughtful card is in order. This holiday, it’s prep for food, fun, and fireworks.

The 4th of July brings on plenty of questions. Where to go? Who’s hosting the block party this year? Should you bring something to help? Who is bringing the outdoor games? But there’s one question that needs not be asked.

Will Twin Falls Have a Firework Display This Year?

Twin Falls sponsors the free Annual Independence Day Fireworks Event this year beginning at 10:15 PM on Tuesday, July 4th. The College of Southern Idaho kindly hosts to provide onlookers with a perfect place to watch on campus. There will be 20 minutes of aerial display uninterrupted by anything but the occasional star.

With plenty of increased traffic on the 4th, the Twin Falls Police Department wants to make the holiday as safe as possible so everyone attending has only happy memories. There are some pointers to keep things running smoothly.

How to Best Enjoy Fireworks Show In Twin Falls This Year

Get to the CSI campus early. North College Road from Fillmore to Washington will be closed beginning at 9 PM to keep pedestrians safe. As the time draws near, there is increased foot traffic along other roads surrounding the CSI campus. Drivers, please be aware.

As a result of traffic accidents happening during the fireworks displays due to impaired driving, police will be patrolling heavily around the CSI area. Drivers that are suspected of driving under the influence will be taken into custody. Don’t drink and drive.

No personal fireworks or alcohol are allowed on the college campus during the fireworks display.

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Please purchase ‘safe and sane’ fireworks. All aerial fireworks are illegal from being ignited in Idaho. But, there are 16 licensed stands in Twin Falls that sell fireworks that are legal to discharge in the city. Personal fireworks can be discharged from 8 AM to midnight daily until July 5th. Please respect that some residents and pets are adversely affected by fireworks. Adhering to the allowed timeframe keeps the discomfort to a knowable duration.

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