Some people don’t like to live life by the numbers. It’s all relative anyway, right? There is no way to know ultimately which place is safer than the other. What can a person glean from statistics anyway?

Looking at crime on a statewide scale, Idaho has 19 crimes per square mile. It seems like a lot, but Idaho is a pretty big state. California has 83 crimes per square mile. New Jersey is small but has 49 crimes per square mile. A life in the numbers might help you feel better. Not everything about Idaho statistics is all peachy.

Why You Should Avoid These Idaho Cities After Dark

Some Idaho cities may be a bit more dangerous than the rest of the state. Some are considered to be ‘only in daylight’ type of visit. There are 4 cities that cross off both lists.

Credit Neighborhood Scout/Canva
Credit Neighborhood Scout/Canva

Coeur d’Alene: Put aside that nobody could read the name on a street sign without proper lighting, their crime rate is not so desirable. A 14.72 Crime rate per 1,000 residents is maybe not so good.

Lewiston: Aside from the best waffle place in the world, maybe a crime rate of 23.31 is not so great. But it’s not a lot of violent crime so...

Twin Falls: Maybe doubling the state stats for violent crime is not a good way to win this race.

Sandpoint: How is this place even on both lists? It’s beautiful. It’s got that bridge. What’s not to love?

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But don’t leave Chubbuck out. They deserve some recognition. I don’t know how it’s okay to leave them off the list when they have a whopping 105 crimes per square mile. Maybe Chubbuck just has a dense population in a small area. Yeah, that’s it.

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