I have always enjoyed watching real-life crime shows, as wrong as it sounds to say something like that. Many people watch these shows like COPS, America's Most Wanted, and Unsolved Mysteries possibly in hopes that they can help solve the crime, recognize a person or location, or just be grateful they aren't personally being featured on the show.

Startling True Crime Shows From Idaho

One that I remember watching as a kid on our small basement TV was Unsolved Mysteries. That show was always so creepy to me and probably caused more than a few nightmares, yet I would watch it whenever I could. That show has gone through a number of hosts and parent companies and is once again running episodes on Netflix. Netflix has become a good streaming service for weird and disturbing crime shows. If you haven't watched Abducted in Plain Sight or Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, get ready for your mind to melt in disbelief.

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Living in Idaho can make it tough to watch some of these shows since 'Abducted' and 'Conversations' feature Idaho in their plot lines. Idaho isn't a stranger to crime or even unsolved mysteries. There are at least eight episodes of the TV show Unsolved Mysteries from Idaho. There were also four episodes and other mysteries that didn't exactly feature Idaho but do have ties to our state. It is also good to note that not all Unsolved Mysteries deal with murder or alien abduction, some of the Idaho tales actually have happy endings.

Unsolved Mysteries Episodes Featuring Idaho Cases

The episode featuring Bobbi Page Myler eventually reunited her with her son. Kristle Merzlock's episode is still a mystery as her near-death experience when young and the resulting events with her memory are surprising. Other episodes do deal with death and a few have been solved since the airing of the 'Unsolved' episode in which they were featured. Claude Dallas was in jail for murder but escaped - after the episode aired he was again caught and served for 22 years. His story was also featured on The FBI Files.

The Most Mysterious Unsolved Mystery In Idaho

Still unsolved mysteries include the deaths of Donald Smith and Wil Hendrick and the search for murder suspect Larry Monroe. To me, the most intriguing Unsolved Mystery from Idaho is that of William L. Toomey. This is the story of a man who supposedly committed suicide inside a church with cash in his wallet and a note that roughly states the cash should cover his funeral and any extra should go to the church. The twist is that nobody knows Toomey and he doesn't exist in any database, so his real identity remains a mystery.

The eighth episode featuring Idaho was the story of Ted Bundy in one of their diabolical minds episodes and not an unsolved mystery.

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