Sure every state has their own habits and cultures. To some, it may seem like the Magic Valley has a language all it's own. So here are 10 words that mean something different here than they do everywhere else.

1.) Magic

  • Other Places: What a magician performs, usually with cards or pulling a rabbit out of a hat
  • Magic Valley: The beautiful valley we call home

2.) C.S.I.

  • Other places: A television show surrounding Las Vegas, Miami or New Orleans
  • Magic Valley: Where Gilbert the Golden Eagle calls home, along with hundreds of other students looking to get an education.

3.) Snake

  • Other places: A slithery serpent
  • Magic Valley: The river that divides towns and creates a beautiful canyon

4.) Miracle

  • Other Places: an unbelievable phenomenon
  • Magic Valley: The unbelievable Miracle Hot Springs that water has phenomenal relaxation powers.

5.) Smurf

  • Other Places: the cute small blue creatures that show on Boomerang
  • Magic Valley: Smurf Turf, where people bleed blue and watch an underrated Boise State football team battle opponents.

6.) Hucklberry

  • Other Places: reference to Tom Sawyer's best friend or Doc Holliday's line in Tombstone
  • Magic Valley: berries, pies, jam, lemonade, vodka: HUCKLEBERRY EVERYTHING

7.) Finger Foods

  • Other Places: chips, popcorn, candy, anything you can grab and munch.
  • Magic Valley: finger steaks and fry sauce. Mmmmm finger steaks

8.) Spring Time

  • Other Places: The time of year when flowers start to bloom and weather warms up
  • Magic Valley: Also known as, second winter, third winter, fall, summer, spring, summer, fourth winter (all in the same week)

9.) The Country

  • Other Places: where people play banjos and drink moonshine
  • Magic Valley: the majority of the valley where people don't have to worry about neighbors and they get their privacy while still having a blast.

10.) Home

  • Other Places: Where the heart is, where the family is.
  • Magic Valley: IdaHome

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