I never need an excuse to eat tacos, but when one comes up I will take it! If you are looking for some great places to get some tacos in and around Twin Falls, we got you covered. You can celebrate at all the places with all the tacos.

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    They have some delicious authentic tacos you definitely want to try. And the family that owns it are adorable.

  • 2

    La Fiesta

    La Fiesta has great food and an even better enviornment. The tacos are fantastic and the margaritas aren't too bad either.

  • 3


    They make a stellar taco. And again, a pretty good margarita. I love authentic tacos.

  • 4

    Tacos Dos Hermanos

    There is something about an authentic food truck that makes tacos taste better. Tacos dos Hermanos is fantastic. You are going to wait in line though, but it's worth it.

  • 5

    El Matador

    Sticking with the food truck theme, these guys make great food. I haven't had a bad meal from them yet. I doubt I will. Give me all the tacos.

  • 6

    Don Juans

    People are always raving about how great Don Juans tacos are. They are fresh, they are authentic. Yes please.

  • 7

    Tacos El Korita

    They are actually located in Buhl and I have heard some amazing things about them. Seriously, everyone says they are worth the short drive for that deliciousness.

  • 8

    Juanita's Tacos and More

    Also located in Buhl, pretty much every single review says their tacos are worth the drive from Twin Falls to Buhl. I had their Idaho nachos and I must say, that was worth it.

  • 9

    Mi Tierra

    Located in Downtown Twin Falls this place is not only adorable and affordable, it is delicious. I love seeing the photos on reviews of these restaurants because you can actually see the high quality food.

  • 10

    Mia's Bakery

    You have to give this place a try. They have some of the most amazing-looking food I have ever seen. In fact, I think this is the place I will be enjoying today.

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