If you have never participated in April Fools pranks before you should make this your first year.

If you need some help, I found 10 hilarious April Fools pranks.

Now all you have to do is find a handful of co-workers or friends to play the pranks on.

1. Plastic Spiders - this may sound lame but placing plastic insects on people's desk or in their car is a fun and easy prank!

2. Attach an airhorn to an adjustable chair

3. Balloon Prank Fake Out

4. Make Caramel Onions

5. Hang a picture of Kim Jong Un on the employee wall

6. Mouse Prank - place tape on the bottom of a computer mouse

7.Making Mentos Ice Bombs for your friends who love soda

8. Install an air horn behind a door as a wall protector

9.Place rubber snakes in the break room fridge

10. Put kitty food in the cereal box



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