Everyone was so excited about Olive Garden coming to Twin Falls and now that Texas Roadhouse is coming, is there really anything else Twin Falls needs? Apparently, yes. We asked what businesses, shopping or restaurants you would like to see come to Twin Falls and these are the top 10.

There is no doubt that Twin Falls and the Magic Valley love their food options. It isn't super surprising that we want more food options. But, there are lots of other things we would like to see come to the area as well.


  • 1

    Red Lobster/Seafood place

    Twin Falls doesn't have a lot of seafood options so this one makes a lot of sense. Not to mention it seems like wherever Olive Garden goes, a Red Lobster is soon to follow. No word that it is coming any time soon but one can hope.

  • 2

    Trader Joe's

    Oh man I would love to see a Trader Joe's come into the area. They have some great healthy option, bulk options and other interesting food combinations.

  • 3

    In 'N Out

    Some may say that Twin Falls has enough burger options but I say there is no such thing. In 'N Out is delicious and their animal style burgers and fries are to die for. I have heard bad things about the one in Salt Lake City so don't judge all of them by that one location.

  • 4

    Whole Foods

    The grocery store could do really well here. Products that are free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Perfect for those looking for a cleaner lifestyle.

  • 5

    Water Park

    Getting a water park like Roaring Springs would be an absolute blast in the summer time. I can imagine that place would be packed. I will always bet on summer activities.

  • 6


    This kind of goes in line with the water park. Wahooz is an indoor fun zone as well. More stuff for kids to do is always a good thing. And more stuff for adults who act like kids helps too.

  • 7


    Here in Twin Falls we admittedly don't have very many hot dog options. What we have Sonic and Costco? I don't know many other places that offer hot dogs so Wienerschnitzel would do well here I think.

  • 8

    Krispy Kreme

    Don't get me wrong I am a Jim Bob's fan all the way but I would totally be down with another good donut place. I am not sure I would go there more than Jim Bob's but options are always nice.

  • 9


    When we thought there was an arcade coming to Twin Falls we were ecstatic, unfortunately we aren't getting confirmation it is coming so hopefully one will be opening soon.

  • 10

    Dave N Busters

    Dave N Busters combines two of my favorite things, food and games. Many people suggested they would love to have that option here as well. I personally never been to one but it sounds like fun.

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