I Can’t Eat That After You Had Your Hand on Your Butt
Chalk this up to one of my more awkward moments.
I was at a friend of a friends' enjoying our recent nice weather at a pre-spring BBQ. There was some good conversation and meeting some very nice people.  We were all seated outside where the host was cooking.
That's when... IT happened.
No sooner had ou…
The 10 Biggest “Passion Killers”
According to a new survey, these are the top 10 things you do that are "PASSION KILLERS."  Yes, you.  You specifically.  Sorry to call you out like this.
#10.) Disgusting bathroom habits, like leaving nail clippings on the floor, or a stained toilet bowl.
#9.) Bad fash…
Half of Americans Hide Something In Their Underwear Drawer
If you think you're being SMOOTH by hiding something in your underwear drawer . . . rolls of money, credit cards, keys, whatever . . . people are on to you.
Because a LOT of people have that same hiding place.  According to a new survey, 50% of Americans say they hide something in their soc…