According to a new survey, these are the top 10 things you do that are "PASSION KILLERS."  Yes, you.  You specifically.  Sorry to call you out like this.

#10.) Disgusting bathroom habits, like leaving nail clippings on the floor, or a stained toilet bowl.

#9.) Bad fashion choices, and not regularly replacing your underwear with new, more attractive underwear.

#8.) Snoring.

#7.) Drinking too much alcohol.

#6.) Not bringing the romance anymore.

#5.) Too much time with in-laws or extended family.  Especially having one of your parents move in with you.

#4.) Personal cleanliness and hygiene issues.

#3.) Long work hours.

#2.) Becoming too tight or too loose with money.

#1.) Gaining weight, and a lack of exercise.

Via (Reuters)