Chalk this up to one of my more awkward moments.

I was at a friend of a friends' enjoying our recent nice weather at a pre-spring BBQ. There was some good conversation and meeting some very nice people.  We were all seated outside where the host was cooking.

That's when... IT happened.

No sooner had our host yelled "Burgers are done!" when he reached back with his right hand and pulled a wedgie out of his rear.  I recognized the move.  Guys have perfected it.  And he did it with with no less ease and grace than I would expect from a man with several years of practice.  If I hadn't been eye level with the incident, I probably wouldn't even have noticed... but I did... and that was the problem.

Remember - this was the cook.  And right after his "adjustment" he reached into the plastic bag and started to separate the buns (don't go there) and build the burgers.  Now he was touching my food.

I didn't know what to do.  Should I say something?  I hardly knew the guy but others should be warned, right?  Then again, it was on the outside of his pants so who cares?  Is it any different than wiping your hands on a shirt?

I dunno.