Maybe I am just jaded and also hate cockroaches and would only name a cockroach after someone I did not like. If you want to show appreciation or disdain for that special someone, the Boise Zoo has you covered.

For only $10 you can name a cockroach, that must be approved by Zoo Boise staff, and it gets added to the website.

There is a whole slew of options for you to name a cockroach and get some extra perks. You get a certificate of course but you can get add on items.

One package includes a private giraffe tour for two people that lasts about 30 minutes. That package however is $45. You can switch out the giraffe for penguins if that is more your speed for the same price.

And if you are more of an amphibious lover, you can go on a tortoise tour instead, an Aldabra tortoise tour. No feeding will occur at this one and the cost is only $35.

So there are some perks to naming a cockroach. Have fun with that!


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