Getting a pet is a big decision. A lot of the time when people head down to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter to adopt a pet, they are looking for a puppy or a kitten. I mean it make sense, you want as much time as possible with your new best friend. But does that mean old pets aren't adoptable?

It is one of the hardest things on the planet to do, say goodbye to your fur baby. You think about how long you have been together and life without them seems unbearable. So, does that mean that old pets who may only have a few years left are un-adoptable? Do you think that adopting an old animal isn't worth it or is too painful?

It is no secret I am an animal lover. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter has quite a few old man and women dogs up for adoption. They have had their vets clear them for adoption and likely have some good life left in them. But I want to know if you would.

If one day I ever win the lottery and become rich, my plan is to create a pet hospice basically. I want a ton of land and all the old, unadopted, animals from the shelters to come live out their days eating steaks and getting belly rubs. Or tuna cans and ear scratches. Whichever they prefer. If I had the means and the ability I would adopt every gray faced animal I see at the shelter. Unfortunately I can't, but I do hope someone does.

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