Now that Twin Falls has some real snow on the ground, it's time to prepare for the infestation of snow fleas. When I first heard someone mention snow fleas I thought it was the start to some stupid dad joke. Nope, they are real and they are really not a big deal to humans and our pets. You don't need to worry about snow fleas on your pets or even on you since they aren't even really a flea. They are a bug though, and that makes them gross. I was on the Farmer's Almanac looking for weather information since I don't trust the rodent from out East. While I was there I looked up information on the snow fleas, to see if they were real and if they were something we would see in Idaho. The answer to both questions is yes.

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The Farmer's Almanac explains that the snow fleas aren't actually fleas, they don't bite, and they are good for the environment. They emerge from the ground, usually around trees where there is decomposing material like leaves and snow piled up. Since they help with your yard's ecosystem it is actually a good sign if you see them in your yard. They are a type of springtail and are more closely related to crustaceans. Since they use their tails to spring around it gives them the look of a jumping flea. You are most likely to see them in melting snowbanks, if you can even see the tiny critters at all.

Then again, we might not see them at all since the future forecast looks pretty barren of any chances for more snow.

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