The garage is a magical place that serves multiple purposes in a home. For some, it stores cars. For others, it is a makeshift entertainment area. Many homes have garages that double as a storage area, but most are not climate-controlled. Winter can be brutal for some items that should never be stored in a space that doesn’t have climate control.

What to Store in the House Instead of the Garage in the Winter

Paint and stains can get thick to the point of solidifying or separating in cold temperatures. No amount of stirring can get that consistency back. Better to store paint in a better storage area inside the home and oddly enough, upside down.

Moisture-sensitive items in cardboard boxes should not be stored in the garage with parked cars inside. Snow melting off the car will make any other items in the garage subject to moisture. This can result in mold growing inside cardboard boxes.

Printed photos don’t fare well in the cold. Digital pictures are great, but many older photos are only in print and are stored in boxes or photo albums. Cold can seriously degrade photo quality.

The cold garage is not a friend of caulk or wall patch compounds. Freezing can cause these things to become unstable. Even if they thaw out, they will lose their effectiveness to do their jobs properly or be completely useless altogether.

The garage is not a favorable place for canned food or pet food. Canned food should be stored between 50 and 70 degrees. Winters in Idaho bring that temperature far below ideal conditions for canned goods. Pet food not contained in rodent-safe containers is subject to pests that may be looking for sustenance while sheltering out of the cold in winter. A pantry in the house is a much more appropriate location.

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