There have been rumblings in the tech community for quite some time about the next generation of Apple's industry-leading iPhone. The successor to the best selling iPhone ever, the 4S, the "iPhone 5" or whatever Apple decides to call it, certainly has a lot to live up to. Not just sales-wise, but to carry the "iPhone" brand forward.

So what will the new iPhone look like? We think we already have a pretty good idea.

The leaks have been pouring out of the Chinese FOXCONN plants pretty regularly since early August. FOXCONN is the plant in China where Apple products are made, and it seems some of the workers have been pocketing some of the parts. At first it was a piece of glass, and then it was the new back shell. Then it was the new connecter unit, a logic board, and finally a whole iPhone just the other day.

So, what have we learned?

The new iPhone will look similar to the iPhone 4/4S, but instead of the (highly) breakable glass back it will feature a new two-tone brushed aluminum shell that's very akin to what Apple uses for the iPad.


There's a new connector dock at the bottom that doesn't use the traditional 30 pin connector anymore. That means all of your expensive peripherals like your docks, speakers, and charging cables won't work on the new iPhone. I'm certain Apple will have an adapter for sale to help ease your woes.

It looks as though the cameras have been upgraded both front and back.

And this will be the first iPhone ever to have a bigger display. Not any wider than the current display, the new iPhone's screen is close to four inches tall giving this iPhone a "stretched" look. It really looks like the designers were going for a 16:9 ratio on the display. That's perfect for watching movies, but that's about it.

The new display size changes everything. Everything in the App Store will work on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad because they all have similar screen ratios, but now there's a black sheep in the family. I'm certain that if this new display ratio turns out to be true, the iPhone won't be alone for long. There are already rumors of a new iPad Mini, and a revamped iPod touch.

I know I'll be waiting anxiously for September 12th.

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