We are entering the holiday season and, after reading a story from Zippia, let's hope it's different than last year. Not that Thanksgiving last year was bad for most of us, but apparently it was a difficult time for many relationships in Idaho. On that note, what do Idaho and Hawaii have in common? Both states were searching for divorce information during the Thanksgiving of 2019.

Idaho Google Search credit WalletHub

This upcoming holiday is definitely going to be weird because of the pandemic. But will that be a good thing or a bad thing for family relationships? Last year divorce was one of the most embarrassing Google searches in Idaho, according to Zippia research.  This year, maybe the lack of large family gatherings will be good for families struggling because there will be less stress. But other families might normally flourish when the family gathers and not having that as an option might be the relationship breaker.

In the study you can see that Idaho isn't the only state with issues. And other states have arguably worse or more weird issues. Quite a few states obviously messed up their home cooked meal and resorted to searching for fast food options. I'm not sure what happened in California that 'Racist Grandma' was something that needed to be researched? The really weird searches actually come from the further East. Clogged toilets and how to fix them was a common search and in Wisconsin they may be eating too much black licorice.

The saddest search goes to Florida though. Their Thanksgiving must have not lived up to expectations so they resorted to searching the web for pictures of what a happy Thanksgiving should look like.

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