Interviews and media sessions are an essential part of promoting your music ... unless you're George Strait. The Country Music Hall of Famer all but quit doing interviews more than 30 years ago, and it's hard to argue he's worse for it.

Watch the above video to find out why Strait doing interviews.

Nobody has more No. 1 hits than King George, and few have consistently sold as many concert tickets as the Texan. His laid-back approach to country music hasn't been duplicated. These days, you're taught to "make the rounds" early and often to forge relationships with key programmers and entertainment personnel. Those who buck the trend gain a bad reputation that haunts them later.

Yet here's Strait, a 69-year-old country recording artist and live entertainer who's as likely to sit down for an interview this year as you are to find $100 on the sidewalk. He admittedly quit talking decades ago for a very personal reason. A 2017 piece in the New Yorker outlined his reasons and provided key insights to what drives Strait today. Still, he's very much an enigma, even among his own team.

Strait's career caught fire in 1981 when "Unwound" became a Top 10 hit. That song was worthy of its own episode of the Secret History of Country Music. Even real George Strait fans probably don't know all the details about the lucky break (and other artist's misfortune) that cleared a path for his success.

WATCH: George Strait's Lucky Break!

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