Saturday April 18th was a community event called "Honking for Heroes" which was aimed at sharing love to the medical community. This aerial footage shows just how big the community showed up.

The event have a little bit for everyone. There were some classic vintage cars driving up and down the hospital parking aisles, the helicopter was flown over the top and more. The helicopter took some awe inspiring footage of the event.

It was such a cool experience both to be part of and to witness. Watching this video gave me chills. If you were watching any of the live feeds on Facebook because you couldn't attend the event yourself you probably felt the goose bumps too.

I have said this before and I will say it again over and over again. I am so proud to live in a community like Twin Falls. No matter what people may think or feel about the situation we find ourselves in, we still come together to show support and help each other.

Do I hope that the pandemic is over sooner rather than later? yes. However, I do believe a lot of inspiring and beautiful things are happening with people right now. I want life to get back to normal, jobs and the economy to flourish. I also want to see all the good that this community has to offer.

Thank you Twin Falls and the Magic Valley.

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