A pandemic is obviously not a good thing. Everything seems to be more difficult right now between work, play, school, and just staying home. Some are coping better than others and a lot of jokes online that introverts have been training for this their whole lives - staying at home and not interacting is their dream come true. But right now, introvert, extrovert, vertically challenged, vertebrate, or any other type of 'vert' you are supposed to stay at home to help save humanity. Unless you know some sort of magical spell to defeat the COVID-19 virus, which you might if you take up the latest challenge to binge watch a show.

The EdSmart website is looking for five Hogwarts worthy applicants to watch every Harry Potter movie, including the Fantastic Beasts movies, in a 25 hour magical movie marathon. Those chosen by the sorting hat will need to either live stream or tweet about the experience as they watch the wizarding world light up their TV screen. EdSmart also asks that the chosen few rank the movies after the spell-binding marathon concludes. Along with the bragging rights of being chosen, you'll be paid $1,000 and be given a serious movie marathon survival kit:

If this sounds like something up your (Diagon) alley or like a great excuse to plant yourself under the stairs, or on a couch, for viewing enjoyment you have until May 15th to apply at edsmart.org.

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