What would you do? What would you do if you ordered food to be delivered through a delivery service and they never showed up? To add to it, the restaurant won't refund you, and neither will the delivery service, and you remain hungry. This has happened to many of us, and it isn't uncommon to see someone complaining about a different place every week on a rants and raves page. So what is the best way to deal with this problem in Twin Falls or anywhere else?

Delivery Service Fails to Deliver

Credit: Marques Thomas @querysprout.com on Unsplash
Credit: Marques Thomas @querysprout.com on Unsplash

Recently a man in Twin Falls had an issue where the meal he had ordered was never delivered and there was no refund issued at the time. We have all had our issues with delivery services and from the restaurants themselves, but what is the way to properly handle the situation? You can fight it for a refund, fight it for your food, or potentially just shrug it off and consider it a loss. Money is too valuable these days, with everything being so expensive, to let it go and count it as a loss.

Where Did Your Lost Food Go?

Credit: Jon Tyson on Unsplash
Credit: Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Most places are pretty good about issuing some sort of refund, coupons, or added food, but there are rare occurrences. When a meal is lost or never arrives, the question is who's fault is it? This is one issue with delivery services, is do too many different people get involved in a simple process? Did the restaurant lose your order or mess it up, did the driver not pick it up, or did they take it home, or what happened to the meal? This happens far too often, and it is inexcusable. Order, make the food, pick up the food, and deliver the food. It is a simple process, but it seems to get messed up far too often.

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In a perfect world, these things wouldn't keep happening, but the best solution is to call the restaurant, call the delivery service and report the driver, and hopefully, something should be resolved by then. The only problem that can't be resolved is you will still be hungry and foodless. Continue to share on rants and raves, so we can all be aware of what places to not order from, and instead, pick up or go to if we crave it. What would you do? 

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