Have you ever found a lost wallet or a BIG bag of money? For the most part everyone knows that if you find some one's wallet you return it so they don't lose their mind looking for it, right? But, what if you found $17,000.00...would you return it?

Chicago Tribune printed a story that on June 6th, 54-year-old Robert Adams of Arlington Heights, Illinois, found a Chase Bank bag of cash near an ATM in a Walgreens.  The bag contained almost $17,000.

Robert is a good person with a soul.  So he drove to a Chase Bank nearby and turned the bag over to them.

The police investigated how the cash ended up just sitting there.  When they talked to Robert, for no particular reason, he told them he found the bag at a newspaper stand near the bank, not at the Walgreens.

The bank traced the money back to the ATM at the Walgreens, though . . . and when the cops watched surveillance footage, they saw Robert pick it up there.

Robert was promptly charged with filing a false report and was fined $500 . . . which means that his conscience cost him $17,500 total.

He says he doesn't know why he lied about the bag, quote, "It was a hot day, I just wanted to get home.  I wasn't looking for a reward.  I'm very sorry about this whole thing."


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