What would you do? What would you do if you could break the law and commit one crime with no consequences, what crime would you commit? There are many options and knowing you won't get caught opens the door to do anything you want for one time only. The kicker is, you have to have a reason for your choosing. You can't say I want to commit a robbery or a murder without a plan and motive. Think of where you would want to rob and why, or who you would want to murder and why. If you commit a different crime, what is your reasoning? Given a break in the law for a free card, what would you do?

Committing a Crime in Twin Falls

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Many of us have fantasized about what it would be like to commit a crime at one time or another, but would never do it in fear of being caught and breaking the law. Nobody wants to willingly spend life behind bars, so why would you risk it to do something you shouldn't? If given the chance though, and knowing you wouldn't get caught, what crime would you commit? Murder seems to be the easy one, and why you could get away with it, would the guilt you live with be worth it? What is your motivation? Why would you want to take a life? Robbery is high on the list as well since it could help solve plenty of financial problems. Heist movies are a joy to watch and the thought of committing a heist does sound fun, but where do you go after and why? It needs to be enough to be worth it but also motivated as well. 

Breaking the Law in Idaho

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While robbery or murder are the likeliest choices, there are other options out there as well. There are plenty of small crimes you could commit and enjoy. Tagging a moose is something many hope to one day achieve, but with only so many tags given out per year, what if you could tag a moose you spot with no consequences? Perhaps there is a drug you have always wanted to try, but never have and this one day could be your chance. Maybe you are someone who has dreamed of streaking through a public place or the middle of town and never have in fear of the consequences. For parents, going into a store and leaving kids in the car might be nice, assuming they are safe of course. It doesn't have to be a major crime, but given the chance, there are plenty of options.

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While it is fun to dream about, odds are many of us will never attempt a major crime. There are little laws we break like speeding or owning an animal we shouldn't but breaking a major law is unlikely to happen to many of us. If given the opportunity, it would be tough to choose, but I may steal a Lamborghini, so I have an incredible car, that I can also sell for a good amount of money if I choose. If you could commit one crime without consequence, what would you do?

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