What would you do? What would you do if you were forced to choose between BASE jumping off the Perrine Bridge or bungee jumping off of it? Many of us would say neither, with some saying both, but you have to choose one. Both are terrifying to many of us, while fun to others. Do you take the plunge with a parachute attached to your back, or with a bungee rope attached to your ankles? Some will view this as choosing which way you want to die, but that is not the case, hopefully. This is a decision you should never be forced to make, but if you had to choose one or the other, what would you do?

BASE Jumping off the Perrine Bridge

Daredevils Take The Plunge Off America's Second Highest Bridge
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BASE jumping off the Perrine Bridge is commonly done in Twin Falls, and many people travel from around the country, and even the world in some cases, to jump off the bridge. It is fun to watch, but if asked to do it, many of us would say no. The thought is scary, falling that far, but between the two choices, BASE jumping might be the better way to go. You have control over when the chute deploys, and you have likely witnessed many people doing it successfully. Yes, there have been occasional mishaps, but the odds are high for a safe ending. That doesn't make it any less scary, as it will take a while to get to the bottom as you glide down, and there is a chance your chute doesn't open. Is this the better way to go, or would bungee jumping be the better thrill-seeking adventure? 

Bungee Jumping in Twin Falls

Sebastian Coman Travel on Unsplash
Sebastian Coman Travel on Unsplash

Currently, bungee jumping off the Perrine Bridge is not offered, but the thought is appealing, especially for thrill seekers. With bungee jumping, you get to have the same rush of jumping off the bridge, but with more of a thrill as you will bounce and fall a few different times. You get to relive that sensation, which some will enjoy, while others would be more terrified. The problem with bungee jumping is, that once you decide to jump, all control is out of your hands. You are now at the mercy of the bungee cord, and if it snaps, comes undone, or anything goes wrong, you are left to fall and let fate take its course. Some may feel safer with a rope though, thinking they can hold onto it or be attached to something as they fall, compared to BASE jumping, where it is a free fall if the chute does not open. 

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Both options sound terrifying, but if forced to choose, I would do BASE jumping, knowing I have a little more control after I jump. I get to choose when the chute opens, and I have witnessed people do it multiple times with success. If bungee jumping was introduced on the bridge and an option, I would have to see multiple people do it before considering it, and even then, I likely would still choose BASE jumping. I will likely never do either one in my life, and I can live with that, but if you had to choose between BASE jumping off the Perrine Bridge or bungee jumping off of it, what would you do? 

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